PATCHWORK is a new local childcare provider situated to serve Huby, Sutton-on-the-Forest and surrounding area. We received our OFSTED registration in January 2007 and are licensed to provide full children’s daycare and out-of-school club for up to 20 children rabgubf 2 to 11.

Our Nursery building was converted from a former aviary to provide bespoke accommodation for children. The premises are amongst the most spacious and comfortable on offer and set in tranquil gardens approaching 1 acre.

e offer a variety of different session times which we hope will suit the individual needs of working parents. Our before-and-after school sessions include transport between the Nursery and the local schools.


patchwork patchwork begins as a tiny shape but with careful planning, time and development it will become a beautiful and individual piece of design. Only time and careful additions to this precious piece of work will ensure it can develop into its entirety and whole being.

ur goal at PATCHWORK is to provide children with every opportunity to achieve their full potential and to assist them in their growth and learning. We believe this is best achieved in a structured, but enjoyable, environment. We aim to support parents by providing a framework within which the child can achieve his or her full potential, both physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Every child is treated as an individual and their development is encouraged by exposing them to a variety of new experiences. One-by-one, these will help develop that child‘s knowledge and personality. Children can learn through play on our “patches”, encouraging their growth and development in a holistic manner.
Patchwork (York) Ltd registered 05994280 trading as Patchwork Private Children's Nursery